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Study Ancient Mystery Teachings

There is a SECRET Order that teaches the Sublime Occult Mysteries. Many make such claims—few possess the ability to fulfil them. Nevertheless, the Ancient Mystery Teachings have been re-established in order that GENUINE seekers may find the TRUE LIGHT.

The Order works in secret, aiming at a total suppression of the personal element which so often leads to disruption and strife amongst even the finest Groups of Occult Students, thus avoiding the personal glorification of one—or more—members, at the expense of others.

up uatu heri shatat

The subjects taught by the Order are presented in a clear, concise, masterly and easily understandable form. Moreover, these Ancient Mystery Teachings are absolutely true to the Old Wisdom, without having added to them the entirely ignorant and misleading and fantastic claims of those who have the audacity to meddle with the sacred lore by superimposing upon them the unhealthy imaginings of their own untrained minds. By virtue of these Teachings, the Student may enter the 'straight gate which leadeth unto life'—the Gateway to Initiation—to become a Light on the Way and a shining Torch in the Darkness of the gross materialism, which threatens to overwhelm Mankind in this present Cycle.

The ramifications of the Order are worldwide and thread back over 3500 years to the 18th Dynasty of Ancient Egypt (and beyond), but there are no academic or social pre-requirements for acceptance—each application is judged purely on its own merits.

But we state here and now that only those who are sincerely interested and prepared to work with determination and devotion over a long period of time, will be considered.
In his endeavours the Student will find no glamour and no personal contacts, and those seeking 'thrills' or 'instant enlightenment' should look elsewhere!

Request a copy of this Secret Order's Manifesto

If you are SURE that you sincerely want to study the Ancient Mystery Teachings, then write a letter clearly and fully explaining your reasons for wishing to make contact with this Secret Order. At the same time, please enclose payment to cover postage and packing for a Manifesto and a no-obligation membership application form (there is no application fee) to be sent to you.

Depending on where you live, please enclose the following amount with your letter:
If you live in the UK: £2 Royal Mail stamp.
Outside the UK but within the EU: €5 CASH ONLY.
Outside the EU (e.g. in Australia, New Zealand, USA, etc): $10 CASH ONLY in Australian, NZ or US dollars. If payment is not enclosed we regret that we will not be able to process your request.

Applicants who unfortunately are not selected will have their postage costs refunded in full.

Write to:

PIEDMONT, Kemp House, 152 - 160 City Road,
London EC1V 2NX, UK

Please note that if you order any of our books, you will receive a Manifesto and application form with your order, so there is no need to request these separately.

There are many colours, shades and tints, but there is only ONE LIGHT

We, HE & SHE, are the authors of five occult books and we are also Advanced Students of this Most Ancient Order. We have a combined membership of over 60 years between the pair of us. Our purpose, through this website and through various notices in the Press, is to make suitable candidates aware of the Sublime Occult Truths taught by this Order, but we do not have any influence on who is accepted and who is not accepted. We may say though that this is a very rare opportunity indeed, which might not be repeated again in a generation or more.

per utchat en Heru

The last time that our Order allowed Advanced Students to place public notices for membership was in 1982!! Seekers may waste many years or many lifetimes seeking for answers in the wrong places. There are many colours, shades and tints, but there is only ONE LIGHT. Search your Inner Self, and if you find that you are ready and worthy to seek that ONE LIGHT then this is your opportunity to place your foot upon the ladder, leading to that freedom from all earthly shackles and to the glorious times when the scales shall fall from your eyes and you will behold the Sanctity of God's shining Realms and dwell once more with your own people in Heavenly Bliss.

We look forward to your response with great hope and interest. Most people will waste their lives away on this Earth and then be sent back again and again without making much progress. They are 'too busy' to make themselves worthy of advancement. So very few Occult Students are ready to reach out and seek for TRUTH. Each one that genuinely does so with an open heart and an open mind is therefore to be much cherished. We hope and pray that you are to be counted amongst those few.


We would like to make it absolutely clear that the Order is not a cult in any way, shape or form. It does not coerce, brainwash or manipulate its members in ANY way. All members are entirely free to leave the Order at ANY time, without repercussions of ANY sort. Nor does the Order tell Members what they should or should not think, believe or do. Such interference is against all natural and occult laws.

NEITHER does the Order make a 'profit' from its students. The ONLY fees charged are for the sole purpose of writing, duplicating and posting the lectures, of which the students receive one each week. This information is also included in the Order's Manifesto and Application Form.

Whilst it is permitted for students to use the Laws they learn to benefit themselves, their friends and their family in material ways, they should in return be willing to be of Service to humanity wherever possible. The Order teaches by correspondence and does NOT offer 'group sessions', 'rituals' or 'magic spells.' The Studies require hard work, loyalty and commitment over a long period of time—they are NOT suitable for thrill-seekers, mystery-mongers, or those seeking instant initiation and enlightenment in a few short weeks. We KNOW that anyone offering overnight initiation and enlightenment is fraudulent, as even the most advanced individuals still need to be trained and awakened in a full and thorough manner in each incarnation.

Finally, the Order has no political or religious affiliation of ANY sort. We teach the Natural Laws of the Universe and NONE of our Teachings are in conflict with the highest ideals of any religion. Our Studies are intended to lift up your Mind to the highest realms where you can discover Peace, Truth, Wisdom and Happiness.