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Study Ancient Mystery Teachings

There is a SECRET Order that teaches the Sublime Occult Mysteries. Many make such claims—few possess the ability to fulfil them. Nevertheless, the Ancient Mystery Teachings have been re-established in order that GENUINE seekers may find the TRUE LIGHT.

up uatu heri shatat

We said above that 'many make such claims.' Among such are the many 'occult' orders that advertise online claiming to be affiliated to, or represent the mysterious 'Illuminati' we hear so much about nowadays. If you examine their claims closely you will invariably find that they have more to do with politics and social climbing than the dissemination of the Ancient Mystery Teachings. No wonder genuine seekers are suspicious of such websites! They have every right to be, for in most cases the leaders of these 'orders' are clever businessmen after for YOUR cash and THEIR kudos!

The Secret Order we represent makes no such claims. It is not interested in recruiting, manipulating, coercing or brainwashing people for political ends. The Manifesto that describes its Aims and Teachings is freely available to all who ask for it, nor does it require applicants to pass any 'tests' or buy anything to profit from its Teachings. You can read more about this Secret Orders's aims and Teachings by following the links above.

Why 'secret' Order?

Secrecy has a very bad press nowadays, but this was not always the case. You may be surprised to learn that there are many GOOD reasons for keeping something secret, and this applies especially to the Ancient Mystery Teachings taught by this Order.

The main reason for the Order's unalterable and fixed rule of Secrecy is that it aims at a total suppression of the personal element which leads so often to disruption and strife amongst even the finest and most elevated Groups of Occult Workers. It also cancels out all chance of the personal glorification of one—or more—at the expense of the rest of the Members. This is an old and well established Occult law; too often unknown, ignored or forgotten

You can read more about the many good reasons for secrecy in occultism in the excellent article published on the website of We also recommend the Occult FAQ to be found on the same webpage which provides clear and sane answers to many questions seekers after occult knowledge ask.

About this Order's Teachings

The Order's Teachings are based on exactly the same principles—though considerably extended and modernised in various ways—as the Teachings of the Hierophants of Ancient Egypt, India, Chaldea and Greece, who in their turn received them directly or indirectly from the Great Adepts and Masters of Atlantis. Moreover, these Teachings are absolutely true to the Old Wisdom, without having added to them the entirely misleading and fantastic claims of the lesser occult groups and teachers who meddle with the sacred lore by superimposing upon it their personal speculations and interpretations. Such groups and teachers often mean well, but all they succeed in doing in leading the genuine seeker away from Truth.

This Secret Order teaches the Natural Laws of the Universe and NONE of its Teachings are in conflict with the highest ideals of any religion. These Studies are intended to lift up your Mind to the highest realms where you can discover Peace, Truth, Wisdom and Happiness. By virtue of these Teachings, the Student may enter the 'straight gate which leadeth unto life'—the Gateway to Initiation—to become a Light on the Way and a shining Torch in the Darkness of the gross materialism, which threatens to overwhelm Mankind in these times.

per utchat en Heru

Membership is open to ALL sincere seekers, regardless of sex, race or religion. The only overriding conditions for membership are that the Order will not accept members who deny the existence of a Supreme Godhead, or Ruler of the Universe, or those who are not willing to obey in every way the Constitutional laws of the Country in which they live either as natives, or resident or temporary visitors. There are no academic qualifications needed for acceptance, but each member is expected to work HARD for their own advancement.

We would like to make it absolutely clear that all members are entirely free to leave the Order at ANY time, without repercussions of ANY sort. Nor does the Order tell members what they should or should not think, believe or do. Such interference is against all natural and occult laws. There is no membership fee. The ONLY fees charged are for the sole purpose of writing, duplicating and posting the lectures, of which the students receive one each week. This information is also included in the Order's Manifesto and Application Form—see below.

Request a copy of this Secret Order's Manifesto

If you are SURE that you sincerely want to study the Ancient Mystery Teachings, then write a letter clearly and fully explaining your reasons for wishing to make contact with this Secret Order. At the same time, please enclose payment to cover our postage and packing costs for a Manifesto and application form to be sent to you.

Depending on where you live, please enclose the following amount with your letter:
If you live in the UK: £2 Royal Mail stamp.
Outside the UK but within the EU: €5 CASH ONLY.
Outside the EU (e.g. in Australia, New Zealand, USA, etc): $10 CASH ONLY in Australian, NZ or US dollars. If payment is not enclosed we regret that we will not be able to process your request.

Applicants who unfortunately are not selected will have their postage costs refunded in full.

Write to:

Box 853, PIEDMONT, Kemp House, 152 - 160 City Road,
London EC1V 2NX, UK

Introductory book

If you would like to learn more about the subjects taught by this Secret Order before applying for membership, you can find much useful information in the introductory book written by a seeker for seekers. Read more...

Testimonials from Members

"These studies are truly life-changing in more ways than I can put into words. I was amazed at my success with the exercises as I am not remotely psychic. What I saw during my meditations was so beautiful that I am not ashamed to say I wept buckets. I cannot thank my Teachers enough for these holy teachings."
Member from Canada

"Thank you for the awesome and thought-provoking lectures—every one has felt like a gift from God. How so much wisdom can be conveyed in a few pages of text continues to amaze and thrill."
Member from Australia

"These teachings are awakening a rosy dawn. . .like a lifeline to Heaven sending down manna, it nourishes the aspiring student. I have known the difficulty of finding authentic Teachings in this world, and now I need never again accept anything less than Pure Truth."
Member from the USA

"I truly look forward to my austere brown envelope arriving each week! These Teachings and exercises are precisely as I HOPED they would be, even though I had no idea or expectations of WHAT they would be! I already begin to see the world in a fresh way and feel as if I am resurfacing from centuries of sleep and amnesia."
Member from the UK

"Your lectures are extremely enlightening and full of wisdom—the kind of knowledge that is just not obtainable anywhere else. I feel very privileged and blessed to have found you."
Member from Ireland

Contact us

If you have any questions that are NOT answered on our website, or any other GENUINE reason for getting in touch with us, please write to us by clicking the CONTACT link to be found at the top of every webpage. Please note that we are unable to enter into any correspondence about the running of this Order or its organisation, so please don't put us to the trouble of refusing to answer you! Nor are we 'agony aunts', social workers, or medical practitioners, so please do not ask us to help you with your personal problems, regardless of whether or not you believe them to caused by 'occult' influences.

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