Ancient Mystery Teachings
study the Ancient Mystery Teachings

Mystery School Teachings

Brief list of the many subjects taught:

  • Secrets of Man and the Universe
  • Hermetic Mystery Teachings
  • The purpose of Life
  • Instantaneous Healing Methods
  • Astral Projection
  • Psychology, Philosophy, Ethics and Religion
  • Auras and how to see them
  • Breathing, mind reading, psychometry, prayer, clairvoyance, clairaudience
  • The Mysteries of Creation
  • Secret Mystery Teachings of Jesus
  • Astral regions and their inhabitants
  • Reincarnation and awakening memories of previous lives
  • Magic, Alchemy, Hypnotism and Magnetism
  • The Alchemical Marriage and how to obtain it.
  • What exactly happens after death
  • The secrets and duties of the Soul, Higher Mind and Lower Mind
  • Mystery Schools of Ancient Egypt
  • Mysteries and Mystery Teachings of the Druids
  • Ancient Mystery Teachings of Atlantis and Lemuria
  • Eleusinian Mysteries of Ancient Greece
  • Mysteries of Mithra: Mithraic mysteries of Persia and later times
  • Spiritual Initiation and how to qualify for it
  • Using material Laws to help yourself and others
  • The Path of the Moon and the Path of the Sun
  • The Great White Brotherhood
  • Who the Hidden Masters are and what they do
  • The lost Word
  • And many, many other subjects—a full list is published in this Order's Manifesto.

Many of these subjects are dealt with in a childish manner in various 'occult' books, but if you want an opportunity to experience real Occult Knowledge and Truth then this is it. For be aware that the True Teachings may not be openly taught through books, but only through direct guidance from a qualified Teacher.

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Learn more about the Ancient Mystery Teachings

If you would rather learn more about the Ancient Mystery Teachings before enquiring about membership of this Order, please read the book which we have published—"IN SEARCH OF THE HIDDEN MASTERS"—described below. After reading this book you will KNOW definitely, and without any doubt, whether or not you wish to pursue your interest further. The book is carefully designed to either turn you away permanently from further enquiry or else you will seek to know more with all your heart...there is no middle ground! And even if you do not pursue your enquiry further, you will at least have read a most unusual and fascinating book, which reveals several secrets not previously available to the general public.

Please note that if you order this book, you will receive a Manifesto and application form with your order, so there is no need to request these separately.

In Search of the Hidden Masters - finding the True Master

In Search of the Hidden Masters

This book describes the steps in the journey towards finding the True Master in a clear and simple manner all can understand. In Search of the Hidden Masters explodes many cherished fantasies and pulls no punches in exposing the multitude of 'gurus' who prey upon the gullibility of occult seekers.

  • Discover real Occult Knowledge and Truth
  • Discover why the true Masters and Teachers must always remain hidden.
  • Discover why asceticism can never lead to Illumination.
  • Discover the horrors and dangers of Spiritualism and séances.
  • Discover sadly about the Black Magicians and Scientists who rule your lives.
  • Discover that there is only one sin—the Sin of Ignorance!
  • Discover the hidden secret to successful prayer.
  • Discover how to start out on an amazing Spiritual Journey.

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