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Some of you who are sincerely seeking REAL Occult Knowledge will be familiar with the saying that: "When the Disciple is ready the Master appears". But who understands the real meaning of this saying, and how many can be said to be truly ready for the Master?

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Those of you who are far advanced upon the Path will have encountered many seekers who prefer to live in a dream within the dream of Illusion. It is also true that most of those who say they want to learn Occult Knowledge prefer to have their own pet theories and fantasies confirmed rather than having the true Laws and principles explained by a real Master—appointed to this task by the Gods themselves. And how difficult it is to find such a Master, and know him!

Genuine versus false claims

As you can read on our homepage, there are many organisations that claim to teach the Ancient Mysteries. How does the sincere seeker know we are genuine and can deliver what we promise? This is a perfectly reasonable question which we will attempt to answer as fully and clearly as possible. Firstly, we do not claim any mysterious predecessors and name them without any proof of our assertions, for all Members names are kept for ever secret, from the highest to the lowest, as you can read on our homepage. Nor do we say that the Secret Order is descended, or carries on the work, or has certain authorities handed down to it, from the heads of famous occult Orders of the past, as so many lesser occult groups do.

Secondly, we do not require prospective members to buy books from us before their applications can be considered. The books we do recommend are freely available to all who wish to read them, whether they choose to apply for membership or not. Thirdly, there are our words themselves. If you have any experience at all of occult and mystical teachings, you will know in your heart whether our words ring true. Even if you have no such experience in occult studies, you will detect the subtle differences between our content and the pretentious claims of the many so-called 'occult' orders and mystery schools who infest the Internet with their blatant and pernicious advertisements claiming to represent the 'Illuminati' and similar non-existent figments of the imaginations of the unthinking when such names are used by those who seek to capitalise on the gullibility of the inexperienced seeker, which repulse anyone with a sense of fine feeling and elevated thinking.

Finally, the truly great Masters of Wisdom dwell in the higher realms, and it is in these finer, non-physical dimensions that many who have been drawn to this website have first made contact with the Secret Order, though they may not be consciously aware of this in their waking life on earth. The Secret Order's files are full of letters from grateful members who were led to this website in just this way. Some saw the name of our website in dreams and 'googled' it upon awakening. Others beheld a vision in which they met one or more of the Teachers of the Secret Order. Yet others clairvoyantly saw certain writings which appertain to the Secret Order's teachings, while some felt an irresistible inner compulsion to search online for particular phrases such as 'true occult knowledge', 'sincere seekers after truth', 'real Hidden Masters of Wisdom', and so on and so forth.

It is always right to act upon such intuitions, for in many cases these are sent to us by the Wise keepers of the Keys to the ancient Mystery Teachings in the higher realms, who have decided that we are now worthy to learn the great Truths. The sincere seeker will always find their way to the True Light and the True Teacher, just as you have done who are reading these words. Further and fuller answers can be found on the pages of this website and in the five occult books by J Michaud PhD reviewed and recommended on our occult books page.

Real occult knowledge versus fantasy


Many seekers pile their own vain imaginings in a heap and gaze with adoring eyes at the vanity of their own dreams, which only add to the Illusions which blind them to TRUE Reality. And not only do they do this while they are still on earth, but when they cross the Border—called Death by the other dreamers—they immediately commence with the construction of yet another cycle of phantom devices, invented and framed in the ignorance of their wandering minds, which now believe they have mastered the ultimate secret at last, until once more they are swept away and out of their new and useless Empire of uninstructed, fanciful, chimerical musings, like a blade of grass: of no value whatever in that or any other realm, and commence anew their bemused meditations on this earthly Plane.

And again they rave and shout about the spirit messages they receive from their "angel guides", "channelers" and "mediums", not knowing that if they receive any messages at all they are sent to them by the confused dwellers of the so-called "astral" worlds. Such beings, wrongly called 'spirits', for they are still material, are generally no more 'enlightened' than the average seeker on earth (and often much less so).

The dwellers in these worlds search for easily influenced and gullible fools in order to unload within their untutored minds the dross they can no longer hold themselves. Such foolish seekers may even pride themselves on their "intelligence," not realising that "intellect" is nothing more than a natural development of their animal instincts and animal cunning, such as that displayed by monkeys, for instance, and only slightly more mature and therefore more dangerous and misleading. This may come as a shock to mediums and psychics, many of whom are the most sincere and honourable people one could wish to meet. But they would be still more shocked—and terrified—if they knew what really happens during séances and so-called 'channelings' when any real power is available.

The Secret Order teaches the true occult laws pertaining to such things. All members have the same opportunity to gain full understanding of all psychic and astral phenomena through practical, personal experience. In this and similar ways, our members may prove the truth of the Secret Order's Teachings by and for themselves. You will then know exactly what happens at séances, the nature and inhabitants of the Astral Worlds and the Secrets of Man and the Universe. Only in this way can the sincere seeker escape from those idle speculators who only operate their vacuous minds for the purpose of presenting to the rest of the inane, wavering, and hesitating mortals the arrogant and ostentatious conclusions they have arrived at by themselves, and thus become the self-admiring "teachers" of their dupes.

By studying the Ancient Mystery Teachings as revealed by the true Masters and Messengers all the dark corners of our minds will be gradually swept clear of the cobwebs of wrong teachings and misinterpretations of the Holy Laws. Those who are ready and worthy to dedicate their lives to the study of Occult Truth will rise above the illusion of the material worlds and know the glories of the spiritual, which is the true Reality.

THIS is Occult Knowledge and the way to it is open to all sincere seekers.

This page was last updated on 10 April 2016.