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Secret Occult Order Teachings

There is a SECRET order that teaches the Sublime Occult Mysteries to GENUINE seekers who sincerely wish to find the TRUE LIGHT. Further information about this SECRET order, how to join, conditions of membership and the subjects taught can be found on our homepage and the other pages of this website.

Below you will find a VERY brief list of SOME of the many different subjects taught by this Secret order. Further and detailed information can be found in the Order's Manifesto.

The Secret order teaches Occult Science based on facts of which science has little or no knowledge. By saying this we do not belittle science or the established occult orders in various parts of the world. They have given much service to humanity, each in their own fields, and we respect and value the sincerity of their leaders as well as the many thousands of earnest research workers in both the material sciences and Spiritual Knowledge. The Secret order's teachings aim to knit together these two branches of human endeavour by combining some of the modern scientific discoveries with the long established knowledge of the great Occult Sages. By clearing up much misunderstanding and careful comparison of some of the largely known theories of Science with the little-known or completely unknown, facts of Occult Science, members can obtain a full understanding of the laws that govern the material and spiritual worlds; laws which they may put to practical use to benefit themselves, their near and dear ones, and humanity as a whole.

  • The secrets of Man and the Universe
  • The laws of the material and spiritual worlds compared and contrasted
  • The purpose of Life on earth and elsewhere in God's universe
  • Practical healing methods to help yourself and others to full health
  • Astral Projection
  • Psychology, Philosophy, Ethics and Religion
  • Auras and how to see them
  • Mind reading, psychometry, clairvoyance and clairaudience
  • The Mysteries of Creation and evolution
  • Secret Mystery Teachings of Jesus
  • The Astral regions and their inhabitants
  • Reincarnation and how to awaken the memories of our previous lives
  • Magic and Alchemy
  • The REAL Qabbalah and Tree of Life: we go much further into this subject than any other occult order or mystery school
  • Hypnotism and Magnetism
  • What exactly happens after death
  • The secrets and duties of the Soul, Higher Mind and Lower Mind
  • The secret teachings of the Mystery Schools of Ancient Egypt
  • The secret teachings of the Druids
  • The secrets of Atlantis and Lemuria
  • The Eleusinian Mysteries of Ancient Greece
  • Spiritual Initiation and how to qualify for it
  • Using material Laws to help yourself and others
  • What the Great White Brotherhood really is
  • Who the Real Hidden Masters are and what they do
  • How to attain cosmic consciousness and unity with the highest spiritual realms and beings who dwell there
hall of right and truth

From the above condensed synopsis it will be seen that the members of this Secret order, if successful, proceed through a course of study and learning which is unique and without equal since the last of the Great Mystery Schools of Egypt closed more than 3,000 years ago, which represented the end of many ages of great Wisdom, reserved for the few, most of which Wisdom has been lying dormant since that time.

These teachings redeem the members of this Secret order from the robotic existence of the majority of mankind. Members can attain full mastery of fate and existence and then they will no longer be the sport of what the ignorant call 'Bad Luck', stumbling through life like oxen under a yoke, dumb victims of a 'Master' they cannot comprehend, and ending their useless lives in a state of bewildered confusion—until they are born again and follow the old and weary round once more.

The work of this Secret order leads to freedom from all earthly chains and to the glorious times when the scales shall fall from your eyes and you will behold the Sanctity of God's shining Realms and dwell once more with your own people in Heavenly Bliss. For more information send off for the Manifesto of this Secret order.

This page was last updated on 12 September 2017.